131 Woronora Rd, Engadine NSW 2233

(02) 9520 0990

Every Sunday 9:30am and 5:30pm

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Who are we?

Thanks for checking out our website, we’d love you to check out the Connect community for real. We are a variety of people from all walks of life, who have a common faith in Jesus Christ. We don’t have all the answers to life and we don’t pretend we are perfect, we’re doing our best to be authentic as followers of Jesus. As a result of what we believe, we try to care for each other, support one another on life’s journey and play an active role in the community where we live.

Hard work and donations making a difference

We love the community we live in and the opportunity to get involved and make a difference. Last year we ran the McAlister Fete in Cooper Street Park in Engadine and after all the costs,  and the challenges were resolved a small surplus remained. As a result we were able to distribute Christmas Hampers and Toys to needy families, support a local family doing it tough, make donations to Orana Community Services in Sutherland and Community Outreach in Cronulla - both agencies will use the funds for work with homeless people. 



We believe that the principles we find in the Bible are intended to be relevant and able to be applied to life and impact the way we are living in our own context today. The Bible teaches us that Jesus served people in his community and so we try to find ways to serve people who live around where we live. We respect traditions, but we also don’t want to be caught trapped in the past and so we like to try new things too. We have Sunday services, but we also get together during the week. We support work in developing nations but we also support our community locally too. 


Connect is a Christian community of fresh hope,

 an oasis in the challenging world we live in today. We gathering in groups that at times are age specific and at other times are multi-generational. Our Sunday services are vibrant and inspiring, as we are encouraged to grow to become productive contributors to our community. We also meet in smaller groups of Youth, Kids, Senior people, Men and Women where we can learn from our peers about what it means to be connected as a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Glenn Baigent

Pastoral Leader

Connect is committed to serving the community

beyond our own four walls, locally and globally. Connect Community Projects is the community and social justice arm of Connect church. Jesus Christ said that he came to serve not to be served and so we aim to serve others in our community. Locally we organise McAlister Fete, support our local schools, provide mentors for young people, run playgroups and a Preschool. Globally we also support people in need in Turkey, Uganda and other nations.

Mike McGarrity

Missional Leader

Our desire at Connect is to create life long followers of

Jesus from the earliest stages of life. We facilitate this by creating environments where children can connect with the awesome character and nature of God. Our Playtime groups present a great opportunity to connect and expand social networks with families in our local community. Connect Preschool provides a vital service to the community of Engadine, providing a learning environment that values play as fundamental to the whole child."

Deborah Baker

Pastor Children/Admin